Business F.A.Q.s – Answered!

Hey, business owners!

If we’ve stopped by with an award to congratulate you on being a winner and you thought, “Wait, what?”, or if you’ve registered your business with Locals Love Us and are thinking, “Now what?”, this blog post is for you!

We’ve collected a handful of Frequently Asked Questions from our website to share with you, so you know exactly what it means to be a part of the LLU community!

How does a business qualify as a winner?

A maximum of 5 nominees in each category are awarded the title of a Locals Love Us winner. Winners must be in the top 20% of the total nominees of their category. If a category has less than 25 nominees, there are less than 5 winners.

Who can vote & when?

Anyone over the age of 13 can vote once each year! We heavily promote voting the last month before voting closes, but voting is available all year round! At the end of voting your ballot is automatically submitted to us.

How do you prevent voters from stacking the deck?

We set up a sophisticated voting system that enables us to track who is voting. Each person is allowed to vote in each category one time. A person must create a login and password and provide a few personal details about themselves before starting. If they try to vote more than once a year, it will override their previous votes.

Can I encourage people to vote for my business?

Absolutely! We even provide images and tips on how to do this. For information on voting and campaigning, visit Campaign Stuff. We strongly encourage the most active campaigning the month before voting closes.

What happens when I win?

The fun has only begun! Our local franchisee owner will get in contact with you to celebrate! Only winners have the opportunity to advertise with us, so we’ll chat to see which ad package works best for you, and then our graphic design team gets busy with designing your online winner page and ads! Award plaques, stickers, and more are also available for you to proudly display in your business/vehicle/etc.

If you haven’t already, be sure to register your business:

We’re so excited to have you join our LLU community, and we can’t wait to share the love with you and all of our locally-loved businesses!

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