3 Reasons to VOTE

It’s National Voter Registration Day – Fargo-Moorhead locals, are YOU registered to vote for your favorite local businesses? Okay, so today’s national holiday miiiight not be an official Locals Love Us holiday 😉 , but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support our local business owners by encouraging YOU to support them with YOUR … Continue reading 3 Reasons to VOTE

Taking the Best Family Photos!

With the upcoming fall season comes the opportunity to take those annual family photos – fall colors, cozy outfits – it’s the ideal set up for taking the photo for your Christmas card! Of course, wrangling the whole family together to coordinate outfits, finding a quality photographer, and deciding on THE Christmas card photo adds … Continue reading Taking the Best Family Photos!

Take a Food Tour of Fargo-Moorhead!

Did you know we have TWO categories dedicated to the local best food businesses? Whether you’re looking for a great grocery store, brewery, restaurant, or more, our Dining and Food/Drink categories are home to the best of the best! To celebrate these wonderful businesses that fuel our community, we’re embarking on a food tour of … Continue reading Take a Food Tour of Fargo-Moorhead!

Celebrate Fargo-Moorhead’s Local Workers!

Monday, September 5 is Labor Day! This annual federal holiday offers a time to celebrate and honor the hard work of American workers – and what better way to celebrate than a long weekend? This weekend also notes the inevitable end of summer and the transition into fall, with the new school year starting up … Continue reading Celebrate Fargo-Moorhead’s Local Workers!

Lending a Helping Hand in Fargo-Moorhead

We love Fargo-Moorhead and the people in it, and we love celebrating their businesses! We recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to run a coffeeshop/roofing company/restaurant/hotel/etc., and we’re so thankful that locals like you take the time to vote for them and let us know who you love. Meeting so many wonderful business … Continue reading Lending a Helping Hand in Fargo-Moorhead

Back to School Tips & Tricks

Department stores have been teasing us for MONTHS with their back-to-school sections stocked full of new and colorful binders, freshly sharpened pencils, and backpacks with the latest trendy designs. The shopping experience is fairly simple, as most schools provide a handy list of everything your child is expected to have. Once those glue sticks and … Continue reading Back to School Tips & Tricks

Business F.A.Q.s – Answered!

Hey, business owners! If we’ve stopped by with an award to congratulate you on being a winner and you thought, “Wait, what?”, or if you’ve registered your business with Locals Love Us and are thinking, “Now what?”, this blog post is for you! We’ve collected a handful of Frequently Asked Questions from our website to … Continue reading Business F.A.Q.s – Answered!