Balance Your Health & The Holidays!

We all know the struggle of balancing baking and enjoying all the yummy treats this season offers and eating healthy foods. As much as we’d love to say Christmas cookies are a good idea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we can’t deny the importance of fruits and veggies! A little indulgence is expected, so that … Continue reading Balance Your Health & The Holidays!

Locals Love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away! The turkeys are thawing, cans of cranberries and boxes of stuffing are packed tight in the pantry, and stretchy pants are on standby. The holiday offers an opportunity to spend time with family and eat great food – and most importantly, it offers a chance to reflect and … Continue reading Locals Love Thanksgiving!

Your Vote Matters!

It’s election day! If you know Locals Love Us, you know we LOVE voting! It’s our job to share about the best businesses in our LLU communities, and we couldn’t do that without you, the locals. Our voting system is unique AND effective: ONLY locals can vote. Not strangers living in another state. Not robots. … Continue reading Your Vote Matters!

Do you know your customers?

Hey, locally loved businesses! How well do YOU know your customers? Your customers are your cheerleaders, your supporters, your voters that have helped you earn the title of a Local Best! Today, we’re sharing some ways to connect with your customers and make YOUR BUSINESS the first one that comes to mind when they’re voting … Continue reading Do you know your customers?