Welcome to The Local Post

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by for our very first post!

We’re Locals Love Us, a company on a mission to help spread the word about the BEST local places in your community. From our website and social media, to our printed guides delivered right to your door, we celebrate and share the best of the best – the cream of the crop! – so you know exactly where to go to get an oil change, shop for groceries, go out for dinner…all without the question: “Is this the best place to go?”

You might be wondering, how do we know who are the best?

Enter: YOU. The locals!

Who knows the Quad Cities better than the locals? Sure, we could look at algorithms and statistics to calculate the chances of a business being reliable, but we don’t know about the waitress who adds a whipped cream smiley face to your kiddo’s pancakes, the mechanic who didn’t charge after-hour prices when your car got a flat tire driving home from a long shift, or the eye doctor who helped answer all your questions about your new glasses…YOU do.

That’s why we keep it simple: you vote for your favorite local businesses – the ones that stand out from the rest – and we share the results. Only winners can advertise with us and receive those award plaques you see around town, so when you see their ad in our guide or on our website, and spot that award in their window, that means your fellow locals LOVE them, and you should too! Open that door and walk in with confidence!

Locals Love Us serves 12 communities across the country, and we’re on a mission to keep growing and reaching more and more communities. That’s why we’ve launched The Local Post!

We love our locals and businesses so much that we thought, “Why not do even MORE to share the love with them?”

Through The Local Post, we want to continue celebrating the best in the Quad Cities. Whether it’s highlighting winner categories, offering helpful tips, or sharing how a local business is giving back, we’re eager to connect even more with you and the businesses you love.

We’ll be sharing about posts on our social media, so be sure to follow Locals Love Us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, & LinkedIn so you never miss one!

Until next time, keep on sharing the love with your local businesses, and don’t forget to cast your votes – visit our website to get started!

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