4 Tips for Meal Planning

Planning meals for each week is a tough task for many of us.

Searching the fridge & pantry to see what we have, trying to map out a menu that isn’t repeating the last week, and getting enough fruits & veggies takes a hot minute – and then we have to do it all again for the next week!

In recent years, the “meal prep” practice has become very popular – buy the containers, make the food, fill them up, then ta-da! Your meals are set for the week.

Meal prep doesn’t have to look like identical containers stacked up in your fridge, either. Since many of us undoubtedly resolved to “eat healthier/eat out less in 2022,” we wanted to share a few tips to help you with this routine, and to also use this as an opportunity to share about our locally loved businesses who will be able to help you with your eating habits!

Tips for Meal Planning

Plan meals with foods you like. If you don’t like broccoli, it’ll be pretty unmotivating to make yourself choke down broccoli stir fry. Make a list of fruits and veggies you like to eat, then look up healthy recipes that include them!

Write a list before you go grocery shopping. This will help you keep to your list and avoid overbuying or bringing home items you don’t need.

Buy local ingredients as much as possible. It’s no secret we love our local businesses, but when you buy ingredients and produce grown locally, you’ll not only be getting the best, but also the freshest options. Here are a few of our favorites in Sioux Falls:

Enlist the help of local experts. Going out to eat is no longer limited to indulgences! From juice bars to meal ordering services, there are so many great choices when wanting to eat out without sacrificing health goals. Take a look at what these businesses offer:

We have a complete list here!

Take it one week at a time, and sooner than you think, you’ll be a meal planning expert!

Is there a local business that has helped you with your meal planning? Do you have a go-to spot for healthy but tasty treats? We want to know who you love – cast your vote at thelocalbest.com!

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