3 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Sunday, March 20 is the official start to spring, so now is the perfect time to start making a list of projects you want to do around the home.

From lawn care and gardening to deep cleaning the inside of your home and refreshing your well-loved spaces, figuring out what to do – and when – can seem like a daunting task.

By now, you know us at Locals Love Us can’t resist the chance to help make your choices easier, and to highlight our locally loved Cedar Rapids businesses.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 3 things you should add to your spring cleaning list, and it also included the businesses that are ready & waiting to help you! 

Pro tip: Don’t delay in reaching out to your favorites for your most-wanted items! Fellow locals are also getting eager to start checking off items from their list, so contact your top businesses ASAP to get on their calendar (businesses with Locals Love Us winner pages are linked, and we have all their contact, services, and website info all in one place to help you!).

1. Lawn Care

After winter, your lawn needs proper care to ensure it grows into the lush, green oasis you remember from last spring. Get started now on preparing the soil!

From bringing in new sod, to treating existing grass, or even sprucing up your flower beds, reach out to these garden centers to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood:

  • Culver’s Garden Center & Greenhouse
  • Cedar River Garden Center

2. Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors

Is your AC unit ready to take on the warm days? Make sure your HVAC system is running properly with the help of the best?

  • Foster Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Novak Heating & AC Co

3. Home Builders & Contractors

Ready to finish your basement? Looking to add on to your home? Now is the perfect time to start contacting contractors for these big projects!

  • Skogman Homes

We hope this helps you start your spring cleaning list! As always, you can find all of the best to call for home projects on our website. 

Did we miss anything? What’s always on your list? Let us know!

Don’t forget to share the love with your favorites by voting for them at localsloveus.com!

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