Necessities for Springing Ahead

Every November, we receive that glorious extra hour when Daylight Savings Time ends. Whether it is used for an extra hour of sleep, relaxation, or work, it’s hard to find someone who would say, “An extra hour of time?! No, thank you!”

But, as we all know, while Daylight Savings Time ends, it must also begin again.

Enter: Sunday, March 13.

This upcoming Sunday marks the beginning of more daylight in the evenings, more time to enjoy outside in the warmer weather. It ushers in the new season, and makes us eager to enjoy the spring and summer nights out at concerts, fairs, bonfires, and more.

But with this day also comes the inevitable sadness (dare we say dread?) of losing an hour when we spring ahead. Sleep routines are disrupted, schedules are thrown off (babies and pets have no awareness/recognition of this change, are we right?), and all in all, the Monday following Daylight Savings Time can be ROUGH.

Or, maybe you genuinely enjoy the time change; we’d love to know how you’ve adopted this mindset.

Regardless of how you feel about Sunday, one thing is clear: we’re all losing an hour, so we’re gonna need some help as we adjust.

Here are the best businesses in Iowa City to help you conquer Daylight Savings Time and make the most of the extra daylight!


If we ever needed the extra oomph on a Monday morning, it’s now. Stop by these locally loved caffeine suppliers on your way to work/school/life:

  • Java House
  • Capanna Coffee & Gelato
  • Press Coffee Company


No shame if you’re needing a night off from cooking for the family after surviving a busy Monday on less sleep! Here are a handful of go-to places to enjoy:

More sunlight = more events! While we may not enjoy losing that precious hour, we can also use this time to get excited about what the extra sunshine in the evenings means – more events! Check out some of the local best below and start planning future nights out!

Blinds & Window Treatments. If you’re needing help with the kids’ sleep schedules – with both losing the hour and the extra sunlight later – think about upgrading your blinds or window treatments to ones with room darkening options! Here are the best in Iowa City to help you keep the kiddos (and you!) on track!

As always, we have the complete list of winner on, and you can vote for your favorites right now!

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