4 Easy Steps to Share the Love & Earn Votes!

We know that owning a business requires hard work and dedication. Plus, you need to manage inventory, bookkeeping, employees, social media…the list goes on and on!

One critical piece is advertising.

Locals Love us offers locally loved businesses the opportunity to be featured in our guide and on our website! From designing your ads, to updating your online winner page, we make advertising easy AND effective, so you can focus on the many other pieces of your business.

Our process is simple, with 4 easy steps!

  1. Learn
  2. Register
  3. Campaign
  4. Advertise

Learn about Locals Love Us

It starts with locals voting for their favorite places in more than 200 categories in our secure, online survey. Only local votes count because locals know best which businesses really stand apart from the rest.

Voting is open all year in the annual contest. Each category can have up to five winners, depending on the number of places nominated and the number of votes cast. Places that didn’t finish in the top five can still win a demographic group (gender, age, income, zip) and be included on our website. Winners earn the opportunity to advertise with Locals Love Us. So the only places that can advertise with us are those who were first chosen by LOCALS.

Register your Business

When you register your business, you make it even easier for locals to vote for you! Once voters start typing your business name, they will see a list of suggestions to make voting as easy as possible.


Want to turn those “I LOVE your store!” “I always come here first!” “You have the BEST service!” comments into votes? Let your customers know you’re campaigning with Locals Love Us!

We make it super easy for you, too! We offer all businesses LOADS of campaigning material – posters & vote cards (NO COST TO YOU – AND we’ll deliver!!), Facebook/social media posts, and images/wording to encourage voting!


When the votes are tallied and the winner lists are announced, we’ll begin reaching out to the winning businesses, sharing stats and ways to advertise with us. From there, we connect you with our graphic designers – their services are included in your ad packages! We have a variety of ad packages to fit your budget, while also sharing about your business with the Locals Love Us community!

Okay, there’s one more step:


Thank your customers for their votes, share a photo with your winner plaque, and hang that plaque proudly in your window!

We couldn’t do what we do here at Locals Love Us without locals casting their votes, but most importantly, we need incredible business owners like YOU for them to vote for. Customers love YOU for building a business in their community that is trusted.

We can’t wait to welcome you into the Locals Love Us family, and we’re here to answer any questions you have about registering your business and utilizing the campaign tools. Check out our website, then get ready to start sharing the love!

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