3 Car Care Tips for Spring

Is taking care of your vehicle on your spring cleaning list?

When it comes to car maintenance, we can be fairly good about getting a car wash, making sure the tires have enough air, and *usually* keeping up with vacuuming out the crumbs.

But, let’s be honest: car care doesn’t tend to be a high priority.

While cooler temperatures in winter tend to keep us from spending time outside polishing up our vehicles, this warmer weather now gives us the perfect opportunity to freshen them up!

In Waco, we have a great selection of businesses locals trust for car care, and we’re sharing 3 tips to get your vehicle ready for spring:

1. Make car washes a regular task on your to do list.

Okay, who else loves going through a car wash? Just us?

A fun experience aside, car washes remove the dirt and gunk and prevents it from building up, which can cause damage. After the outside is squeaky clean, many car washes offer complimentary vacuums to clean out the inside, too!

Here are two of the best car washes in Waco that locals count on for a pristine job:

Genie Car Wash & Fast Lube

Car Wash USA Express

2. Get help from the pros.

Have the kiddos taken over the backseats? Are there some scratches/dings from hitting the mailbox a *few times*?

From painting and repairs, to detailing services that will leave your vehicle looking brand new, these businesses have earned a spot on our list of best:

Reggy-O Detail

Bebrick Collision Repair Center

Kish’s Complete Car Care Center

3. Take care of those cracked windshields ASAP.

It’s no fun to be inspecting your vehicle and notice a chip/crack in the windshield. It’s easy to think, “Eh, it’s small – no biggie!” But, left unrepaired, these little damages can turn into a very serious “biggie.” We’re talking major cracks and completely replacing the windshield “biggies,” folks!

When you spot a crack, don’t get stressed! Simply reach out to this business:

Affiliated Auto Glass

Our vehicles take us where we need to go, and back home safely. It’s important to keep on top of maintaining them, and we have a complete list of the best in Waco for all your auto needs.

If you’ve received phenomenal service and want to recognize their great work, be sure to take a few minutes and vote for them!

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