Making a House a Home

Unless you’ve built a house from scratch and chose every piece of hardware and exact finishes, you probably have a running list of projects for your home.

Making a house a home is a fun and special way to make your space unique to your style, but it can also be difficult to know where to start or what projects make a great impact!

As you consider renovations and updates, it’s helpful to gather ideas and form an overall design goal – here are a few things to consider:

  • Trends vs. Longevity. Trends are notoriously ever-changing, so before you redo your home top to bottom with the latest “must-haves,” ask yourself if you would like the design elements 5/10 years down the road, unless you’re up for the challenge of frequent refreshes when the next trend comes around. If you enjoy the refresh of trends, consider making the “trending” items easier and less expensive projects, like paint, cabinet hardware, or a few light fixtures. For longevity, consider choosing more expensive pieces – like flooring and kitchen cabinets – that can work with a variety of trends and accents.
  • Making a House a Home takes Time. We know it’s hard to not check off the projects on your list all at once, but don’t get discouraged when it seems to be moving slowly! Taking the time to plan, find the best businesses to work with *ahem, keep reading for these*, and budget will pay off in the long run!
  • Design the home YOU love. Unless you’re planning to flip the house and sell it in a few years for a profit, make design choices YOU love, not what a potential buyer would want in the future. Again, it’s helpful if you’re able to make the more expensive parts versatile to many design styles, but don’t be scared to put your own unique style in your home – it IS your home, after all! Your home is your space to come back to, so when you step in the door, you should feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

Once you have a list of projects, it’s time to enlist the help of your local businesses for the best products/services to make your house a home. Below, we’re sharing some of the favorites Longview locals have loved working with on their homes:

Carpet and Flooring

This project can be expensive, so working with a trustworthy business is extremely important! Here are the Top 3 businesses in Longview:

Phillips Flooring America

Johnny’s Flooring Outlet

Cook’s Lighting + Flooring + Decor

Custom Cabinetry & Countertops

Another longevity project! Whether you’re looking to carry the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling (hello, storage!) or upgrade your countertops to a gorgeous quartz, stop by these businesses for samples and quotes!


B & L Cabinet & Supply Inc

Conrads Cabinets & Doors


Stone Works Tile Marble & Wood

Home Depot

Building Materials & Supplies

Looking to make a DIY accent wall? Floating shelves in the bathroom for décor/extra storage? Bring your list of needed supplies to these shops:

Mc Coy’s Building Supply Center


Home Décor

Decorations are an affordable way to update a home without major projects! A trip to these local businesses will help you find accent pieces to tie all of your design pieces together:

Hobby Lobby

Ellis Home & Garden

Cook’s Lighting + Flooring + Decor

Have you completed your projects? Did you have an awesome experience working with a local business? We want to know! You can share the love with your favorites by voting for them at!

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