Share the Love Stories

At Locals Love Us, we’re on a mission to find and celebrate the best of the best in Fargo-Moorhead. YOU – the voter – help us achieve this by telling us about your favorite, go-to businesses!

When your favorite businesses win, we get the chance to work with them by featuring them in our printed guides and on our website. Only winner have the opportunity to place ads in our guides, and our website offers them a winner page, where we highlight their products/services, testimonials, and information!

This voting and sharing process goes far beyond counting votes and sharing the results – we also get to learn about how the businesses are connecting and helping the community!


Share the Love Stories feature businesses and their efforts to help make Fargo-Moorhead a great place to live and work. From annual fundraisers, to stepping up in times of need and donating goods/services, these short stories are a way to thank businesses for sharing the love with the community that supports them.

Here are a few examples of how local best businesses give back:


Crystal first came to CCRI in the midst of a difficult journey struggling with both mental and physical illness. She was hospitalized multiple times a year due to her mental health, and was scared to live without her 24-hour staff—yet she craved independence.

Everything changed when Crystal tried living on her own with CCRI’s Independent by Design program, which uses technology to provide remote care. Tools such as sensors on doors and cabinets allow staff to ensure Crystal is safe. A pendant acts as a direct line of contact that can call CCRI staff with the push of a button. A medicine distribution device called a MedMinder distributes medicine at the time it should be taken and gives an audio and visual reminder to alert the individual.

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

Like all high schools, Dakota Memorial School holds graduation ceremonies at the end of May; and this year, there are students graduating on all three Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch campuses. Graduation is a big deal at the Ranch. Regardless of the number of graduates, the organization decorates the gym to celebrate the students graduating and their families.

All of our stories can be found online:

We love learning about the amazing businesses in Fargo-Moorhead and the love they show their community, so don’t forget to VOTE for your favorites so we can feature them in a Share the Love Story!

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