Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

August tends to be a month of hot, hot, and hot days – the dog days of summer!

Last month we shared ways to beat the heat, so today, we’re going to use this summery phrase literally.

Our beloved pets don’t escape the heat, so it’s important to make sure they stay cool & happy!

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Are you unsure if the pavement is too hot for your dog to walk on? You can test it by placing the back of your hand directly on the pavement. Hold it for seven seconds – if you can! If you can’t, your pupper is at risk of burning their paw pads. If it’s warm, but manageable to keep your hand down, then you’re good to go! Just make sure to monitor your pet and watch for signs that they need to cool down inside.
  • Pupsicles are a fun, easy way to help your dog stay cool – and you can customize them to their favorite flavors! You can Google different recipes to try out, or have fun experimenting too! Simply blend up all the ingredients together, pour into freezer molds, then chill until frozen. Your four-legged family member will thank you!

In Cedar Rapids, there are so many wonderful businesses dedicated to helping you take care of your pets, too! Check out these places below:

Pet Grooming

A short haircut is a sure way to help keep your pet cool during the hot days! Here are the Top 3 groomers locals trust:

Gwen’s Pet Grooming

Pet Stores

Want to find tasty treats for your dog to enjoy after a day of protecting the kiddos from the water sprinklers (no small feat)? Stop by these stores for their new favorite treat:


Pet Boarding

We know summertime is a time for traveling, and it’s hard to leave our furry family members. So, when we do leave town for a vacation, we need a trustworthy, reliable boarding option! Below are the best “doggy hotels” that locals trust to keep their pets safe and happy while away:

Cedar Run

As we find ways to beat the heat during these dog days of summer, you can count on these businesses to help you keep your pets comfortable and cool! You can also vote for the shops, groomers, and more that you and your pets love at!

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