Celebrate Fargo-Moorhead’s Local Workers!

Monday, September 5 is Labor Day! This annual federal holiday offers a time to celebrate and honor the hard work of American workers – and what better way to celebrate than a long weekend?

This weekend also notes the inevitable end of summer and the transition into fall, with the new school year starting up and the weather slowly starting to shift cooler.

But we won’t talk about that today.

Today, we’re honoring the best businesses in the community that do hard work for us. For many of us, the services they offer take care of the not-so-fun tasks we face, taking that stress away so we can focus on other important tasks. We’re so thankful to learn about so many wonderful, reliable, and trustworthy locals that are ready and waiting to help their fellow locals, so without further ado, let’s get started!


Let’s be honest: duct tape is never a good solution when it comes to the various pipes and plumbing in our homes. We’ve all heard the horror stories of burst/leaking pipes, and no one wakes up thinking, “Today, I’d love to mop up water in the kitchen because the faucet is leaking water every time I turn it on.”

If plumbing nightmares ever become reality, Fargo-Moorhead locals can confidently handle the situation by calling one of these locally loved plumbers:

Legacy Plumbing
Jeff’s Plumbing & Drain Cleaning


Learning how to rewire a new light fixture is one thing, but adding extra outlets and bigger projects that require permits and expertise are another. Electric work is definitely not a “D.I.Y.” option, so before you start trying to cut wires (don’t forget to turn the power OFF), call the experts to do it for you:

Grace Electric
JDP Electric Inc
Magnum Electric

We could go on and on – mechanics that know exactly what you mean when you try to imitate the noise your vehicle is making, electronic repair shops that will save you from spending money on new phones/tablets/tvs/etc., and even home inspectors that know what to look for in a home you want to buy. These businesses and their employees take that heavy weight off your shoulders, and this weekend, we’re celebrating all that they do to contribute to the workforce in our country.

You can find all of the best of Fargo-Moorhead at localsloveus.com, and you can tell us who you love by voting! We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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