Take a Food Tour of Temple-Belton!

Did you know we have TWO categories dedicated to the local best food businesses? Whether you’re looking for a great grocery store, brewery, restaurant, or more, our Dining and Food/Drink categories are home to the best of the best!

To celebrate these wonderful businesses that fuel our community, we’re embarking on a food tour of Temple-Belton! Below, we’ve put together an itinerary of a day’s worth of tasty meals and treats that you and your fellow locals voted for! Grab a pen and paper to make note of the places you haven’t stopped by and curate your own personalized list:

Food Tour of Temple-Belton:


Megg’s Cafe & Hamilton Bread




Arusha Coffee Co


Megg’s Cafe & Hamilton Bread

Bird Creek Burger Co

Groceries/Convenience Stores/Bread & Bakery

H-E-B Foods



Wings Pizza N Things

Miller’s Smokehouse


Cheeves Brothers Steak House

Pignetti’s Italian Restaurant

Brewery/Cocktail Lounges

Barrow Brewing Company

Cheeves Brothers Steak House


Cheeves Brothers Steak House

Gogo’s Treatery

Miller’s Smokehouse

Let us know where you’re going for your food tour! Then, vote for your favorites at localsloveus.com!

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