Take a Food Tour of Waco!

Did you know we have TWO categories dedicated to the local best food businesses? Whether you’re looking for a great grocery store, brewery, restaurant, or more, our Dining and Food/Drink categories are home to the best of the best!

To celebrate these wonderful businesses that fuel our community, we’re embarking on a food tour of Waco! Below, we’ve put together an itinerary of a day’s worth of tasty meals and treats that you and your fellow locals voted for! Grab a pen and paper to make note of the places you haven’t stopped by and curate your own personalized list:

Food Tour of Waco:


Our Breakfast Place

Cafe Cappuccino



Common Grounds


Cafe Cappuccino

Our Breakfast Place

Barnett’s Public House

Groceries/Convenience Stores/Bread & Bakery


Stripes Convenience Stores

Panera Bread



Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shop


One Thirty Five Prime


Brewery/Cocktail Lounges

Bare Arms Brewing

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits


Katie’s Frozen Custard


BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Let us know where you’re going for your food tour! Then, vote for your favorites at localsloveus.com!

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