Taking the Best Family Photos!

With the upcoming fall season comes the opportunity to take those annual family photos – fall colors, cozy outfits – it’s the ideal set up for taking the photo for your Christmas card!

Of course, wrangling the whole family together to coordinate outfits, finding a quality photographer, and deciding on THE Christmas card photo adds some stress to the whole ordeal.

By now, we’re sure you’ve figured out that we love to make things as easy as possible for you!

So, here are some tips for taking great family photos, and the businesses trusted by your fellow locals to help achieve capturing precious memories:

Find a great photographer ASAP.

This is a popular time for families and couples to take photos, so booking a photographer as soon as possible is important! No photographer = no photos!

Don’t stress about trying to find one, though – your fellow locals told us who they love! Here are the Top 3 in Tyler:

Tara Smith Photography


Callynth Photography

Solid color/simple pattern outfits > lots of patterns.

As you plan your outfits, stay away from large, loud patterns and colors that distract the eye. Instead, piece together different outfits that match but are unique to each person – that way, you have unison but not complete matching.

For help finding the perfect outfit for each family member, check out our Shopping section for the best boutiques and clothing stores:

Have FUN!

In recent years, there’s been a shift away from posed, “stand still” photos to natural, creative captures. This is especially helpful with kiddos who don’t want to stand still. Rather than stressing over the perfect shot, trust your photographer to capture the smiles and have fun with it all! These are the kinds of photos that bring a smile to the faces of friends and family when they open your Christmas card.

Have you scheduled your family photos already? Have these tips been helpful? Let us know who helped you capture precious moments by voting for them at localsloveus.com!

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