3 Reasons to VOTE

It’s National Voter Registration Day – Longview locals, are YOU registered to vote for your favorite local businesses?

Okay, so today’s national holiday miiiight not be an official Locals Love Us holiday 😉 , but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support our local business owners by encouraging YOU to support them with YOUR vote!

So, why vote?

You’re supporting small, local businesses.

Shopping AND voting local shares the love with your fellow locals who are chasing their dreams! Small businesses are such a unique and vital part of our community, and by the responses we’re seen on social media from first-time (and repeat!) winners, nothing means more than knowing their community is cheering them on.

You’ll be helping out your friends, family, and neighbors in town.

We believe in word-of-mouth recommendations! When you vote, you’ll be letting others know who to trust around town. Businesses can’t pay for rankings on our website or in our printed guides. The results come SOLELY from our voters – we simply share those results! Voting costs ZERO dollars, so even when the budget doesn’t allow for extra purchases, you can still support your favorite go-to shops!

You’ll be entered to win local gift cards.

Trust us. These are gift cards you’re gonna want. The more you vote, the bigger the gift card you could win! Our voting process is easy, quick, and FUN – the chance to win gift cards is the cherry on top!

Have we convinced you?


If you haven’t already, click the button below to get registered so you can START VOTING:

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