The Recipe to a Local Best Kitchen Remodel

A home’s kitchen seems to be the one room we try to avoid during renovations until all other spaces are complete. It makes sense, too – the kitchen tends to be the most expensive remodel!

Eventually though, we must figure out the recipe (pun intended) of countertops, backsplash, and all the pieces that come together to design our dream kitchen.

If ever there was a time to need the help of the best, this would be it!

Thanks to the help of Sioux Falls’ locals, we’ve put together a list to help you with your kitchen remodel goals:

Is this a D.I.Y. or project to delegate?

A kitchen remodel has many components, so if your plate is full (this time, no pun intended), consider the help of these contractors to bring your kitchen dreams to life:

Hawk Construction

Janus Home Solutions

Know the route to the closest supply store.

Have you ever started a project and then realized you needed a few more supplies? This time around, you’ll know exactly where to go when those surprises pop up:

Scott’s Lumber & Supply

Hartford Building Center

Get quotes from the best!

An important part of the process is Staying. In. Budget.

Easier said than done, right?

The best this about these locally loved businesses is that they aren’t the loved because they just want to make money – they are loved because they CARE about their customers and want to make sure you’ll absolutely love your kitchen. Take some time to stop by these local favorites, and check out their inventory and what would fit within your budget!



Plumbers (in case you’re moving a sink/adding a pot filler line!)

Electricians (add an extra light over your new island!)

All of our locally loved businesses ready to help you with your remodel can be found at

After your project is complete, be sure to share before & after photos with us, and share the love with the businesses you worked with by voting for them!

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