Do you know your customers?

Hey, locally loved businesses!

How well do YOU know your customers?

Your customers are your cheerleaders, your supporters, your voters that have helped you earn the title of a Local Best!

Today, we’re sharing some ways to connect with your customers and make YOUR BUSINESS the first one that comes to mind when they’re voting for their favorites.

Welcome your customers into your space.

We’ve all been there – we walk into a store and….crickets. No “Hello!” No “Hey, what brings you in today?”

Awk. Ward.

We know first impressions are incredibly important in the process of new customers deciding to support your business, so don’t let this easy opportunity to connect pass!

Have a bell on your door to alert you to people coming in, set up your main desk/register within eyesight, and train your employees to be ready and welcoming.

Go deeper with your questions/conversations.

When customers are able to connect, they feel more comfortable in your space! Personal connections, specific suggestions and simply taking time to get to know them better is what local best businesses are recognized for. When you take a few moments to know your customer better, they become more than a transaction, and they recognize that, and will keep coming back.

Engage with your customers on social media.

From sharing photos of projects/new products in your store, to taking polls of options, utilizing social media is a great way to connect with your customers that support you! Tease new arrivals, share about sales/promotions, and give them a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your business a local best!

When business know their customers, they know how to better serve and provide for them. They unlock a wealth of knowledge to help stand apart from the rest to offer a unique and unmatchable product/service. Customers are the people financially supporting your business, AND the people voting for you year after year – let them know how much you appreciate their support by getting to know them!

At The Local Best, we want to help our locally loved businesses connect with their customers. That’s why, when you register your business with us, we offer FREE campaign materials to share with them to promote voting, and award signs and plaques to proudly display to let them know you are one of the BEST! Visit to learn more:

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