Your Vote Matters!

It’s election day!

If you know The Local Best, you know we LOVE voting!

It’s our job to share about the best businesses in our community, and we couldn’t do that without you, the locals.

Our voting system is unique AND effective:

  • ONLY locals can vote. Not strangers living in another state. Not robots. Not your third cousin, twice removed, who lives to write bad reviews on businesses they’ve never been to. Voters are solely locals who actually know and frequent your grocery stores, boutiques, car dealerships, dentists, etc. Locals no longer have to wonder if the online reviews from LadybugShopper231 and TitanKicks82 are legitimate and to be trusted when searching for a new healthcare provider or landscaper. All businesses listed on our website are LOVED by locals just like you. No random screen names – voters register and confirm they live in the community in order to vote.
  • One ballot per person. Use your votes wisely! We know our communities have so many great businesses, so we want to find the very best of the best! We want to know your go-to stops, the most-trusted establishments that you don’t even think twice about visiting. We know that can be a challenging task, but we truly want to know the cream of the crop! That’s why each voter gets one ballot – make each vote count!

When you vote for your favorite businesses, you’re telling them, “Hey, I think you’re AMAZING!” and “I am so happy you’re here in our community!” “I love your service/product!” We love chatting with business owners about their awards, and it makes us so happy to see them light up when presented with award plaques to add to their collection!

We also make it super easy for you – no drive to the polling place required! Simply head to on your phone/laptop/computer and fill out your ballot – wherever, whenever!

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