Locals Love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away! The turkeys are thawing, cans of cranberries and boxes of stuffing are packed tight in the pantry, and stretchy pants are on standby.

The holiday offers an opportunity to spend time with family and eat great food – and most importantly, it offers a chance to reflect and give thanks!

As you sit down at your table and fill your plate, take time to chat about the past year and what you are grateful for (besides Aunt Susan’s pumpkin pie):

  • Include a simple list at each place setting for everyone to write down 5 things they’re thankful for, then take turns sharing!
  • Start a Thankful Jar. Throughout the year, when something happens (big or small, from family announcements to someone buying you a cup of coffee), write the date and a sentence or two about the event. Then, place it in a jar/box/container and save it! At the next Thanksgiving, read each piece as a fun way to remember all the good that has happened in the last 364 days.

At Locals Love Us, we’re thankful for the communities we have the opportunity to share the love with! We’ve gotten to know some pretty amazing people – from locals who consistently show up to vote to the business owners we celebrate as winners.

Our LLU businesses are more than the products/services they offer – they’re the pillars of our communities, the entrepreneurs who took a leap of faith to serve their fellow locals.

Our voters are locals who want to see their favorite businesses THRIVE. They take the time to let us know just how much they LOVE them and want to see them celebrated.

One without the other wouldn’t allow us to do what we do – to our voters AND businesses, we are truly thankful for you!

From all of us at Locals Love Us, we wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

For all of the best local businesses – including the best stops for last-minute Turkey Day needs – visit localsloveus.com.

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