LLU’s New Year’s Resolutions

As 2022 is coming to a close, we’re looking forward to 2023 and the endless possibilities it holds.

This is also the time of year that talk of resolutions begins!

While it’s a good idea to practice making goals and pursuing them year-round, we’ve managed to come up with a little list of resolutions to continue supporting our locally loved businesses:

Pay it Forward once a month on a morning coffee run.

Ask the waiter/waitress for a surprise meal at a new restaurant.

When you need to buy a gift, check out two local shops before the big box stores (bonus: your gift is more likely to be unique!).

Let your auto mechanic know how much you appreciate their hard work to keep your vehicle safe and running the next time you stop in with a small token of thanks (gift card, coffee, snack).

Has our list inspired your own ideas? Head over to our social media and let us know!

And, don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite local businesses so we can share the love with them, too!

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