5 Ways to Enjoy a Day In

After the holidays, you may be feeling maxed out on social interactions for a while: the crowds at stores, rooms packed with loud conversation, and long hours of traveling to parties and gatherings.

What better way to recharge than spending some time at home?

With the help from some of the best local businesses in town, you can enjoy a day at home that’s filled with fun projects, activities, and simply relaxing time to recover from the busy holiday season to prepare for the new year ahead.

Here are 5 ways to enjoy a day in:

Put together a reading nook to cozy up with a novel you’ve been meaning to read. Supplies: comfy chair/couch, blanket, and book from your local bookstore. Tea or coffee is strongly encouraged, too.

Easily refresh a space in your home without demo or expensive projects – all with paint! Brighten up the walls with a crisp white paint or add warmth with an accent wall of a darker color. It’s amazing what a new color will do for a space, and it will help satisfy the urge for a fresh look without breaking the bank!

Organize a board game competition for the family! Set up the dining room table with snacks, use a poster board for a large bracket to keep track of scores, and let the kids pick out a new game to learn together.

Looking to do some pre-spring cleaning without the whole sha-bang? Take on your closet! Sort through what you want to keep and no longer need, then check out these best places to sell/donate your clothes that can still be loved by someone else!

Make a list of places to check out once you’re recharge and ready for more social interactions! Our website makes it easy for you with our winner categories ranking the best places to check out!

All of the loved businesses (voted for by your fellow locals) can be found at thelocalbest.com, and you can also VOTE for the businesses that helped make your day in the best!

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