Celebrate Being the Best!

Local businesses, picture this:

You registered with The Local Best to make it easier for customers to vote for you.

You used our free campaign tools on your social media accounts and displayed in your store.

You were voted THE BEST by your fellow locals!

You earned a spot in The Local Best’s guide and website, and worked with our team to design ads that highlight the best of your business.

Now what?

At The Local Best, we think the celebration should happen all year long, not just when we share the winners and distribute the guide. Your business is voted one of the best for a reason, and this should be shouted from the rooftops all the time!

There are so many ways to celebrate your award, so we’ve put together some ideas and photos from your fellow winners! Take a look and see which ideas you love the best, and get started on your own celebration!

1. Put those award plaques on display

When people walk by your store/open the door, let them know you are the best! South Western Dental displays their award plaques in their entry, well on their way to cover the entire door!

Whether you want to put an award sticker in your window or cover a door like South Western Dental, people know what our award plaques mean – you are the BEST!

2. Celebrate your win AND the community

Businesses like Slim Chickens are the perfect place to offer customers a copy of the guide! You may have heard the phrase, “Community over competition,” and what better way to embody this than by sharing the love with all of the winners? Let us know if you are wanting a stack of guides to share with the locals!

3. Share ALL the photos on your social media

Celebrate with your customers that voted for you! When you receive your award plaque, capture the moment! Fit My Feet got the staff together for a photo to share! It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man-shop or need a drone to fly up high to get all of your employees in the photo – YOU are the best! Customers love to see you celebrating their votes, so snapping a photo and sharing it on social media with words of thanks is a great way to connect with them!

However you decide to celebrate, be sure to keep campaigning for votes! We want to keep celebrating with the best (that’s YOU) every year, and nothing makes us happier than seeing businesses like those in the photos above collecting their award plaques and sharing the love with the community!

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