Back to School Tips & Tricks

Department stores have been teasing us for MONTHS with their back-to-school sections stocked full of new and colorful binders, freshly sharpened pencils, and backpacks with the latest trendy designs.

The shopping experience is fairly simple, as most schools provide a handy list of everything your child is expected to have.

Once those glue sticks and pencil case are safely stored in their new backpack, what’s next?

There can be a mixture of emotions surrounding the return of school, so we’ve put together a list of a few tips and tricks to help kick off the new year in the best way, with the best!

Nervous kiddo? Take them on a shopping trip to find a first day of school outfit!

If your kiddo isn’t all that excited for the upcoming big day, a trip to a local store to find a special addition to their first day of school outfit – check out these locally loved shops for that perfect hair clip, belt, shoes, and more:

Old Navy

Send off summer with a fun family outing!

Whether it’s a full day of activities or a treat after dinner, take some time to chat with your kids about their favorite summer memories, and what they’re looking forward to in the next school year. Here are a few ideas of where to take them:

Iowa Children’s Museum
Defy Iowa City
Colonial Bowling Lanes

Start dialing back their wake-up time & initiate a morning routine.

Don’t quit summer cold-turkey! A few weeks before school starts, getting back into a routine for bedtime and wake-up will help the transition back into a school schedule go more smoothly. To help incentivize this shift – we know how hard it is to head inside on a warm, summer night – plan a family breakfast at the end of each week as something to look forward to! Here are a few of the best breakfast spots in town:

Bluebird Cafe North Liberty
The Bluebird Diner
Hamburg Inn Inc

We hope this upcoming school year is the best one yet for your kiddo(s), and we’re cheering them on! Let us know how you spent your last few days of summer by voting for the local businesses that helped you celebrate and get prepared for the first day!

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