Balance Your Health & The Holidays!

We all know the struggle of balancing baking and enjoying all the yummy treats this season offers and eating healthy foods. As much as we’d love to say Christmas cookies are a good idea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we can’t deny the importance of fruits and veggies!

A little indulgence is expected, so that leaves many of us wondering, How do I balance health AND holiday treats?

Don’t worry! We’re spreading Christmas cheer AND ways to promote a healthy balance this season!

There are many wonderful businesses in our community that are ready to help you find that balance:

Groceries/Health Foods

Brookshire’s Food

Jack’s Natural Foods

Drug Emporium / Vitamins Plus

Nutritional Supplements

Jack’s Natural Foods


Health Clubs

CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Institute for Healthy Living

Planet Fitness

For all your health/fitness/healthy eats needs, check out and browse our winner lists!

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