Lending a Helping Hand in Iowa City

We love Iowa City and the people in it, and we love celebrating their businesses! We recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to run a coffeeshop/roofing company/restaurant/hotel/etc., and we’re so thankful that locals like you take the time to vote for them and let us know who you love.

Meeting so many wonderful business owners is one of our favorite parts of LLU, and through our voting system, we also have the opportunity to learn about the charitable services that pour so much back into our community.

In our Services category, we have a list of the locally loved Charitable/Community Services, and we want to take today to highlight a few of them, to applaud them for their work to better Iowa City and serve those living in it.

Friends Of The Animal Center Foundation

FACF’s purpose is to raise funds to support and expand the animal care services of the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center and fill the financial needs of animal welfare initiatives in our community. They seek health, comfort, freedom from fear, and a loving guardian for our companion animals.

CommUnity Crisis Services & Food Bank

CommUnity’s work is fueled by gifts of time, talent, and treasure from local people and organizations. These contributors are inspired by the tangible results achieved by CommUnity:

  • Empathy through the telephone, online chat, and text
  • Groceries on the kitchen table
  • Referrals that help individuals get out of crisis
  • Emergency financial support to avoid eviction or loss of utilities
  • Fewer suicides every year
  • People who have suffered a loss through a natural disaster have an advocate as they wind through the bureaucracy of disaster recovery

North Liberty Community Pantry

North Liberty Pantry believes:

  • everyone has the right to be free from hunger
  • everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • families need community support to be successful
  • families have the right to self-determination
  • the community has a role/social responsibility in providing for their members
  • everyone deserves to have the option of healthy nutrition choices, along with the access to knowledge and resources to implement healthy eating

To learn more about these amazing organizations, and how you can get involved through donations/volunteering, visit localsloveus.com!

And, if you know of an amazing group of people sharing the love in Iowa City, let us know by voting for them!

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